After spending twenty years improving health outcomes for individuals across the country and around the world, Elizabeth Coté, MD, MPA, returns to Maine as MyHealthMath’s Chief Mission Officer and Medical Director to transform how individuals and employees make decisions about health care and health insurance.


Now emerging from stealth mode and based in downtown Portland, MyHealthMath uses an individualized approach and proprietary predictive algorithms to help employers and employees choose health care plans that match their needs and budget. As Chief Mission Officer and Medical Director, Coté will lead MyHealthMath’s operations through a period of significant growth while ensuring they deliver on their mission to demystify health care planning decisions for their clients.


“I’ve spent my career improving systems of care, which means I’ve seen firsthand how much money individuals lose to inefficiencies in the health care system,” says Coté. “I was really attracted to MyHealthMath because it uses a simple solution to help people make better choices for themselves and their families. It doesn’t require changing legislation or understanding complicated insurance codes; instead, it makes millions of tailored calculations for people to provide clearer picture of their options, so they can make informed decisions, and ultimately leaves employers and employees with more money in their pockets.”


Before joining MyHealthMath, Coté spent two decades improving care in some of the nation’s and world’s least resourced settings. She worked in Northern Maine as the clinical director for the Indian Health Services (IHS) Micmac Service Unit where her work on opioid misuse earned national recognition. Prior, she led health improvement initiatives in France, India and Iraq, and provided medical relief to earthquake victims in Haiti. In 2011-12, she served the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services as a White House Fellow during a historic time in health care. At MyHealthMath, Coté will leverage her considerable experience working at the intersection of health care policy and patient care to spread and scale innovative solutions to health care planning.


“Bringing Elizabeth onto the MyHealthMath leadership team demonstrates our commitment to delivering a solution to health care planning that will have a measurable impact on people’s lives,” says MyHealthMath Founder and CEO Bob Watterson. “We’re excited that a Portland-based company with a Mission Officer from Maine are delivering solutions to national challenges with health insurance. We think it further positions Portland as a center for innovation and we hope will attract more Mainers back home.”



About MyHealthMath (MHM)


MyHealthMath was created to solve consumer confusion around health insurance choice through innovative decision-support technology. Harnessing the power of people acting in their own best interest, MyHealthMath saves money for both employers and employees by helping people analyze their health insurance options and become better consumers. Based in Portland, Maine, MHM has direct and SaaS clients throughout the US.