Here at MyHealthMath, we love our team. Each month, we select a team member to share with our network, so that you can get to know us from the inside out. This month’s team member is Caitlin Forbes.

What inspired you to work at MyHealthMath?

Before coming to MyHealthMath, I worked at a fantastic public health organization seeking to improve children’s health outcomes through systems-level change. While that work was and is incredibly valuable, MyHealthMath allowed me to approach health improvement from a different perspective—one where a seemingly small change, helping people choose an optimal plan, has a major impact on their daily lives. I’m passionate about growing MyHealthMath’s reach so we can help more employers help their employees, and effect meaningful, sustainable change.

What’s your day-to-day like at MyHealthMath? How has working here furthered your professional and personal goals?

Caitlin Forbes, Director of Marketing and Sales

As the Director of Marketing and Sales, I wear a lot of hats. I’d say my top priorities are raising awareness about MyHealthMath among our partners through content marketing, developing a clear and consistent brand identity, and doing whatever I can to show potential clients the value of our work—for them and their employees. Working at a start-up is new for me, and it’s been really exciting (and challenging) to develop a brand identity from the ground up and constantly test new marketing and sales strategies.

Personally, I’ve been able to learn a lot more about health insurance. And man is it confusing! Knowing that, it’s all the more satisfying to be part of a company seeking to simplify this process for consumers.

Describe a rewarding project that you have worked on during your time at MyHealthMath.

MyHealthMath’s focus on health benefit equity is one hundred percent a priority and passion for me. It’s simply not fair that those who most need financial and health support are often the same people who end up overbuying health insurance, losing money, and avoiding care. There are so many things that contribute to health and wealth disparities in this country, but this is one we can do something about. I’ve been working with our chief mission officer, Dr. Elizabeth Coté, to develop our voice in this space and raise awareness about this critical topic—and that has been beyond rewarding.

What goals do you have for the future of MyHealthMath?

MyHealthMath’s vision for the private health insurance market is to ensure that no dollar is wasted, and no person lost. It’s a big and bold vision—one that we all stand behind—and I’m excited to see us contribute to making this vision a reality. The inefficiencies in the health insurance market are atrocious, and I want to reach as many consumers as possible so that we can make things better for as many people as we can.

What is your favorite thing about working with the MyHealthMath Team?

The people. Everyone here is passionate, energetic, and mission-driven. Recently, I led a branding exercise and found myself so inspired at the end. Our conversation about our company values made it abundantly clear that everyone here is going above and beyond for the employees whom we serve. Being around a group of people who are incredibly empathetic and selfless with their time is humbling and inspiring.

What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of work?

I love hanging out with my dog, Lucca. She is a 100lb Shiloh shepherd, an absolute goof, number one snuggle partner, and my favorite creature in the world (don’t tell my fiancé ?). Other than that, I was a ski racer, so I love to ski and just be outdoors. Also, pretty obsessed with exercise in general and love to read.