All people deserve an opportunity to achieve optimal health. As providers of health insurance to over half of Americans, employers can play an invaluable role in making this possible.

Empowering all employees—regardless of race, age, income, gender and other sociodemographic traits—requires applying an equity lens to health benefit design, communication, and support. Wondering where to start? We’ve collected a series of recent articles focused on workplace equity and private health insurance improvement:

Work and Health: What does the future hold?

Source: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
February 27, 2021

A collection of articles about the future of healthcare and how employee benefits and workplace policies can promote health and workplace equity.

To End the Pandemic, Every Business Leader Must put Worker Health and Equity First

Source: Yahoo!Finance
February 23, 2021

The article, originally from Fortune, argues that businesses need to apply an equity lens to their health benefits and workplace safety policies to end the pandemic. It offers strategies for improvement, including increasing access to paid sick leave, providing essential protections for workers, and giving employees a voice in designing and managing workplace health and safety.

Employers Can Lead the DEI Movement through Benefit Design Improvement

Source: BenefitsPro
February 9, 2021

Health benefit design improvement is one way that employers and consultants can begin to address both the health and wealth inequities that generate unacceptable disparities. This article reviews the difference between health benefit equality and equity and shares five opportunities for promoting benefit equity.

Employers Must Lean in More Diligently on Racial Health Inequities

Source: HR Executive
January 29, 2021

This article dives into how McDonald’s is evaluating and improving its health benefits design, education, and communication to promote health and workplace equity among their employees and prospective employees.

Building Equity into Your Employee Health Plan Design

Source: Nonprofit HR

This executive guide offers strategies for promoting equitable access to healthcare and equitable use of healthcare plans. The guide shares inherent challenges of employer-sponsored health insurance and a checklist for promoting health benefit equity.

Health Equity Should Be A Key Value in Value-Based Payment And Delivery Reform

Source: HealthAffairs
November 25, 2020

This article shares how value-based payment (VBP)—where providers are paid based on patient health outcomes—have the potential to reduce health disparities. It outlines three strategies for payers and providers to embrace health equity in VBP design and implementation.

“All-hands-on-deck approach” Needed on Social Determinants of Health

Source: AMA
November 17, 2020

This article highlights the need for plan design and coverage to address social determinants of health, calling on stakeholders in the public and private health insurance market.

What is Health Equity and How Can Benefits Teams Address It?

Source: Artemis Health
October 20, 2020

Employers and their consultants are major players in the fight for health equity because they influence health insurance access for the majority of Americans. The article notes opportunities that benefit managers, brokers, and consultants can tap to improve workplace equity.

Health Equity: We still have a lot of work to do

Source: BenefitsPro
March 11, 2020

Based on a report from Root Cause Coalition, the article shares eight strategies for reducing inequities in the healthcare system.  An integrated health benefits technology platform is the second strategy on the list.

Health Insurance Benefits Should Be Equitable, Not Necessarily Equal

Source: HealthAffairs
March 22, 2017

This article outlines why benefit designs that offer the same benefit to all enrollees are inequitable and proposes a path forward for equitable benefit design.

DEI, social determinants of health, becoming bigger priorities in benefit programs

Source: BenefitsPro

April 28, 2021

This article highlights the recent rise of DEI initiatives in employee benefits package design.

Health Benefit Equity Audit

MyHealthMath’s Health Benefit Equity Audit shares concrete strategies for promoting workplace equity thought benefit design improvement.

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