What inspired you to work at MyHealthMath?
  • I had previously worked at a software development firm here in Portland where I had the opportunity to work with several tech start-ups. I really enjoyed working with start-ups, and I thought that working at MHM would be a great opportunity to explore. MyHealthMath’s mission to help people with their health insurance decision process really struck a chord with me too, as my husband lives with a chronic illness and I have had to navigate the complexities of the health insurance world personally. I have an understanding of how difficult and intimidating it can be to select a health insurance plan, and so when I learned about MyHealthMath’s data-driven approach to help with this, I was intrigued. Overall, since I knew that I had enjoyed working for start-ups in the past, and I felt a connection to MyHealthMath, I thought that working here could be a great fit.
What type of work do you do day to day at MyHealthMath? How has working here furthered your professional and personal goals?
  • As office manager, I work part-time with the team here on a variety of behind-the-scenes internal projects. My previous experiences have been in project management and other administrative support, so I utilize those skills to assist our CEO as well as manage our HR and benefits programs and communications. Additionally, I work in recruitment and general office management.
Describe a rewarding project that you have worked on during your time at MyHealthMath.
  • Helping to build an extremely passionate team here at MyHealthMath has been very rewarding. Additionally, it has been great to help make a new company run as efficiently as possible.
What goals do you have for the future of MyHealthMath?
  • I hope that an increasing number of companies and people learn about what MyHealthMath is doing and our innovative approach. The right or wrong insurance plan can have an enormous impact on peoples’ quality of life. MHM’s data driven approach, coupled with our transparency and efficiency, can really improve lives.
What is your favorite thing about working with the MyHealthMath Team?
  • Everyone here is truly kind, open, and caring. Working with a team like this is a huge perk.
What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of work?
  • When I am not working with the team here, I run my own knitting design business. I love being able to work in both types of industries, both in knitting pattern design as well as tech/start-ups – it may be a slightly unusual combination but there’s a surprising amount of skill overlap! So when I’m not working with the MHM team you’ll usually find me knitting, designing sweater patterns or creating DIY tutorial videos.