MyHealthMath’s health plan decision-support platform to be bolstered by Sherpa’s holistic Protection Score, offering consumers a whole new level of comprehensive benefits guidance

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PORTLAND, Maine, June 15, 2022 ( – Sherpa, the global insurtech platform which has been rapidly expanding across Europe, Asia Pacific and the U.S., and Maine-based MyHealthMath (MHM) are thrilled to announce a new partnership, with Sherpa’s proprietary technology set to become embedded into the American company’s Decision Doc platform.

While Decision Doc already saves consumers an average of around $1,300, MHM seeks to push their formidable 93% satisfaction rate to even greater heights with this exciting new offering. From now on, the companies will collaborate to give Decision Doc users the ability to also progress, seamlessly, through the Sherpa Score journey. 

The effect will be to vastly broaden the information and analysis provided to Decision Doc consumers. The widely proven quality and value of the health coverage recommendations from MHM’s platform will be augmented by Sherpa’s Protection Score, a 360° review of the individual’s needs and insurance choices. Users will receive both detailed, trustworthy guidance on their medical insurance options and thorough, unbiased advice on ancillary benefits—safeguarding both their physical and financial wellness.

Both companies are dedicated to improving the experience at all levels of the industry:

  • Customers will benefit from the enhanced Decision Doc system with a vastly increased understanding of not only their needs and coverage gaps but also their existing policies. They will receive easy-to-action plans that go beyond individual purchases and offer invaluable financial education.
  • Insurers are consistently delighted with the Score’s measurables—sales per lead increase by 1.5-2x, and online lead conversion is boosted by a factor of eight.
  • The increased data available on employee needs (the Score journey generates nine times more data points than a traditional online experience) will help employers and their benefit teams calibrate the packages they offer with tremendous precision. 

Bob Watterson, founder and CEO of MyHealthMath, said, “The integrated product will revolutionize how people and employers choose their benefits. Employees receive intuitive, end-to-end guidance that maximizes engagement through a score-based approach. Then, employers get a treasure trove of data they can use to personalize benefit offerings based on employees’ real needs. This is an unprecedented opportunity to drive better health and financial outcomes.”

Chris Kaye, CEO of Sherpa, said, “Reinforcing MyHealthMath’s precision analytics with Sherpa’s wider market consciousness and the formidable AI behind the score is going to help so many people make better benefits decisions. This partnership will add an exciting new dimension to the Decision Doc journey, one which we are confident will lead the market as a source of trustworthy insight and information. This is great news for all parties, but especially the employees, who will get something genuinely new and exciting.”

About MyHealthMath
MyHealthMath is an insurtech firm that pioneered a uniquely personalized approach to helping people choose their benefits. Our focus on individual support, education, and transparent data builds trust, so people believe our guidance, make a change, and protect their health and finances. Based in Portland, Maine, MyHealthMath has direct and SaaS clients throughout the U.S.

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About Sherpa
Sherpa is on a mission to close the advice gap in insurance. Regulated as an insurance advisor in the UK, we are also active in the U.S. and Asia. Our proprietary Protection Score and virtual digital advisor give consumers personalized advice wherever they are researching and/or purchasing insurance online, helping them make confident and informed decisions. This upgrades the quality of dialogue between our clients and their customers—driving engagement, conversion and lifetime value.

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