We’ve got big dreams for healthcare

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Our vision

Imagine a domestic healthcare market where no dollar is wasted, and no person is lost.

It’s time to end the waste. 

We are on a mission to simplify health insurance purchasing, so employers and employees across the country get the best value from their healthcare dollar.


Our Approach

We partner with employers, brokers, and carriers to empower consumers to save on healthcare.

When consumers make better decisions, everybody can save. 

Every year, more than 90 percent of employees roll over their health plan. Empowering individuals to make a change requires giving them guidance they can trust.

Find out how our personalized approach is different.

We make it personal. 


Our Leadership

Bob Watterson

Bob Watterson

Bob Watterson is an entrepreneur with a sales and management background in financial services and technology. After graduating from Dartmouth College, he began his career at Procter & Gamble in their sales management training program. He moved into financial...

Elizabeth Coté, MD

Elizabeth Coté, MD

A native Mainer, Elizabeth Coté, MD, MPA, is a physician and health policy advisor with twenty years of operational experience overseeing and expanding national and international initiatives to improve transparency, access, and quality of health care. After earning...

Dave Widener

Dave Widener

Although a ‘flatlander’ by birth, David Widener (Dave), MBA, considers himself a true Mainer in spirit, driven by his sincere love for the beautiful place MyHealthMath calls home. Over the course of his career, Dave has built and led innovative and transformative...

Caitlin Forbes

Caitlin Forbes

An All-American ski racer with a background in public health, Caitlin Forbes is a big fan of competition, Maine mountains, and healthcare improvements. MyHealthMath feeds her love of all three. After receiving her masters degree in literature from the University of...

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