We strive to make a difference

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A common passion for improving healthcare brought us together. 

We know we can make a difference in people’s lives through one simple yet meaningful change: helping people choose the right health plan for them and their families. This shared passion drives our work every day.

Our Core Values

Everything we do comes back to our values.


Transparency for people

Radical transparency gives each person the opportunity to make the best use of their health benefits—which drives wider social good.


Genuine connection is everything

We inspire trust because we focus on individual connection and support. Behind every engagement, there’s a person—and every one of them matters to us.


Big change can start small

We’re a small company making big waves; we believe simple changes can solve complex problems.


Be pioneers

We founded a personalized approach because we knew people needed more support. We remain true to that legacy by staying a step ahead of what our customers need.


Stay true to your own beat

We value authenticity—in ourselves, in our partnerships, and in our respect for others.


Work hard, laugh harder

Quick wit and a warm sense of humor help us give our all every day.

If these values sound like you, you might be one of us. We’re always looking for talented, passionate people to join our team.

Join our team. 

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