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Your Decision Doc Implementation

Congratulations – you’ve decided to offer unparalleled decision support to employees for the upcoming year!

To maximize the value of Decision Doc, there are two key components to your launch. Your dedicated Customer Success Team will walk you through each step to ensure an easy and seamless process.


Getting Decision Doc Ready for Use


Embdedding Decision Doc into your Open Enrollment Strategy


3 Easy Steps

There are a few things we’ll need from you so we can build Decision Doc.

1. Participate in your dedicated setup calls

Two calls – that’s all we ask of you! Join your Customer Success Team for a Kick-off call and a Communications Connect (Comms Connect) call so we can walk you through the setup process and discuss best practices for optimal engagement.

Who’s involved

HR team, Broker and BenefitsUSA Account Executive

2. Submit your health plan & employee eligibility information

We need your plan documents and contribution structure, as well as a file of all employees eligible to enroll in a health plan. If you have different contribution levels for different employee groups, this should be clearly identified in the file.

Who’s involved

BenefitsUSA Account Executive typically provides plan documents, contribution strategy and census file.
Here’s a brief list of what to send.

3. Approve your plan-rate details

We’ll send an overview of your Plans and Rates, as they’re entered into our system. This is an important step because we cannot launch Decision Doc without this sign-off!

Who’s involved

HR team

Embed Decision Doc

Utilize your custom Decision Doc Communications Package to spread the word to employees.


Decision Doc Reminder Emails


Who’s involved

Benefit consultants and HR team.

Enrollment Site


Who’s involved
Benefit Guide / Meeting Slides


Who’s involved

Benefit consultants and HR team. 

Still Have Lingering Questions? 

Check out the following documents for some FAQs and please feel free to reach out to a member of the MyHealthMath team if you have other questions.


Incentives Best Practices

Offering incentives can be a fun way to engage employees and increase participation with Decision Doc.

Learn More About Incentives Best Practices



Claims Snapshots

Claims Snapshots show employees which of their health plans will save them the most money based on their past health plan utilization!

Learn More About Claims Snapshots

Smiling Man

Security and Privacy

Privacy is a priority for MyHealthMath and we make sure to follow HIPAA guidelines and regulations.

Learn More About Security and Privacy Practices



Eligibility File

Having a complete eligibility file helps employees save time during the Decision Doc experience and is necessary for certain MHM services.

Learn More About Eligibility Files



Debrief Call

The MyHealthMath team is always looking to improve our processes and we’d love to check in and see how we did during your implementation.

Learn More About Debrief Calls


Ongoing Engagement

Decision Doc is available to you even after Open Enrollment ends! New Hires and QLEs can continue to use Decision Doc to compare health plan options.

Learn More About Ongoing Engagement


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