A large food industry redistributor introduced a new high deductible health plan to employees.

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The solution

Personalized health plan decision support to help employees choose between three plan options. 

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5,000+ benefit eligible employees.
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Employees used Decision Doc to understand how the plan worked and choose the best value plan for their health needs.

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22 percent of employees used Decision Doc, saving an average of $1,224 a year.

Increased Use of High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) and Health Savings Accounts

How employees got more value for their health care dollar.


Better choices

100 percent of Decision Doc users that newly enrolled in an HDHP for 2022 are contributing to an HSA.


Increased contributions

Decision Doc users in an HDHP increased their HSA contributions by an average of $1,678 compared to a $1,095 increase among non-users.


More contributions

Decision Doc users in an HDHP are contributing an average of $2,769 to their HSA compared to only $1,923 for non-users.

Employee migration and savings


4X impact

Decision Doc users changed their plan nearly 4x as often as non-users.


5X impact

Decision Doc users were 5x more likely to enroll in the new plan than nonusers.

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Employer saved too

The employer saved in aggregate employer tax and benefit savings through Decision Doc.

Employer total savings

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