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Engagement Updates

Engagement as of 11/28/2022

Total Unique Engagements

Total Engagements

Total Unique Engagements is the number of unique employees who have used Decision Doc, while Total Engagements is the number of reports delivered. An employee who ran multiple scenarios in Decision Doc will be counted once under Total Unique Engagements, but may be counted 4 times under Total Engagements.

Communication Strategy

Embedding Decision Doc in your open enrollment (OE) strategy will make Decision Doc feel like a natural part of the enrollment process. Based on our Implementation Meeting, we’ve put together guidance and materials you can use to make Decision Doc stand out to employees.

This is your unique link to Decision Doc.

Six steps to optimize enrollment

1. Add the Decision Doc domains to your Allow List

To create a seamless experience for employees, we need to ensure our domains are on your Allow List. We’ve made this easy by creating a Letter to your IT Department. Sending this to your IT team is critical, so please let us know if you have any questions!

Supporting Materials (click to download)

Letter to your IT Department

 2. Add the Decision Doc URL to your benefit enrollment communications.

Here are some materials and suggested opportunities to share Decision Doc.

  • Welcome Announcement: a Welcome Image that is linked directly to Decision Doc. You can add this image to your employee portal or printed materials used to introduce Decision Doc.
  • Open Enrollement Flyers & Newsletters: use the Short Messaging Blurbs to add language about Decision Doc to your communications. You can also include the Decision Doc Reminder Icon as an image to catch employees’ eye.
  • Accompanying your plan documents and plan cost details: Include Decision Doc anywhere you share plan details and cost information. Use the Short Messaging Blurbs, the Decision Doc OE Flyer (with QR code), and Custom 2-minute Video to help employees understand how Decision Doc can help them choose a plan.
  • Pair with your contact information: Is your most common question from employees: “which plan should I enroll in?” We’ve created a specific Short Messaging Blurbs you can include next to your contact information.
3. Include language in your benefit guide.

Based on typical benefit guides we’ve seen, here are some suggestions for where you might include language:

  • Eligibility and Enrollment Section: Let all employees know that Decision Doc can help them evaluate their plan options throughout the year. Use the Benefit Guide Language and Decision Doc Reminder Icon to catch employees’ attention. Additionally, if you have the space, consider inserting the full Decision Doc OE Flyer in the guide!
  • Plan Overview and Cost Section: Use the Benefit Guide Language that describes how Decision Doc can help employees evaluate the entire cost of their plans, not just the premiums.
  • HSA Section: HSAs can be scary for some employees. Use the Benefit Guide Language that describes how Decision Doc can help employees better understand if HDHPs and HSAs are a good option for them and their family.
  • Medical FSA Section: Use the Benefit Guide Language that describes how Decision Doc can help employees better understand the difference between HSAs and FSAs. Consider adding the small Decision Doc Reminder Icon here to grab people’s attention.
  • Q & A Section: Sometimes employees need a little extra information about Decision Doc before they use the platform. We provided some FAQs we often receive about Decision Doc.
4. Add the Decision Doc PPT slides to your benefit meeting presentation.

We know you have upcoming benefit fairs and meetings. Use these Benefit Meeting Slides and Talking Points in your sessions to describe what Decision Doc is and how it can help employees. 

Supporting Materials (click to download)

Benefit Meeting Slides & Talking Points

5. Include Decision Doc in your OE email communications

Direct emails to employees about Decision Doc is one of the best ways to encourage participation.

We have created a set of email templates to make this easy. Templates include suggested subject lines and send dates. Email templates include: Intro Email,  Reminder Email, Email from your Executive Leadership, and Final Reminder Email.

Pro Tip: Consider attaching the Decision Doc OE Flyer to these communications!


Supporting Materials (click to download)

Email Templates

  • Intro
  • Reminder
  • From your executive leadership
  • Final Reminder


Decision Doc OE Flyer_Alton 2023 (8.5 x 11 PDF)

6. Additional Materials

Here is an additional resource we created just for you.

  • Poster: use and print this larger Poster to display throughout your office/facility. 


Supporting Materials (click to download)

Decision Doc OE Poster_Alton 2023 (11 x 17 PDF)

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