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Your custom engagement strategy and utilization updates

Open Enrollment Decision Doc Final Utilization

Usage as of 11/17/2023


Utilization Goal


Current Utilization

Total Unique Users

Total Engagements


Goal Met

Total Unique Users is the number of unique employees who have used Decision Doc, while Total Reports is the number of reports delivered. An employee who ran multiple scenarios in Decision Doc will be counted once under Total Unique Engagements, but may be counted 4 times under Total Engagements.

Engagement Strategy

Embedding Decision Doc in your open enrollment (OE) strategy will make Decision Doc feel like the first step of a successful enrollment process. Based on the DD Roadmap and information we discussed on your kick-off call, we have put the below materials together for your team.

This is your unique link to Decision Doc.

Follow these four steps in the Decision Doc Engagement Roadmap

1. Add the Decision Doc domains to your Allow List

To create a seamless experience for employees, we need to ensure our domains are on your Allow List. We’ve made this easy by creating a Letter to your IT Department. Sending this to your IT team is critical, so please let us know if you have any questions!

Supporting Materials (click to download)

Letter to your IT Department

 2. Include Decision Doc as Step 1 in benefit instructions

Please include Decision Doc as a natural first step in your benefit enrollment instructions.

  • Use the Benefit Guide Blurbs in your benefit guide.
  • Add your unique MyHYKE Decision Doc URL to your intranet. Be sure to pair with the Decision Doc Short Blurbs, Decision Doc Banner, and Decision Doc Icon to capture a lot of employees’ attention! 
  • Use the Benefit Meeting Slides for your benefit fairs and benefit meetings.
  • Circulate your Decision Doc OE Flyer everywhere you can think of. Consider printing hard copies and posting them in break rooms, restrooms, and other highly visible areas. 

Not sure what to use? You can include your QR code with language such as “Open Enrollment is here. Get started by using Decision Doc to see which benefits will best meet your needs.” 

3. Use the Decision Doc Email Program

You have two options available to you! With both options, please be sure to use the Email Templates for the Decision Doc Introduction, Executive and Leadership Email, and additional reminder emails.

Option 1 – HYKE-led Emails:

    • Use the Introduction Email template to let employees know HYKE will be reaching out directly.
    • Use the Executive/Leadership Email template to communicate the importance of using Decision Doc this year.
    • HYKE will send our own series of emails to employees!

Option 2 – Standalone Decision Doc Email:

    • Use these templates and send a standalone email about Decision Doc.
    • Include in all open enrollment notification emails (or forward the emails to your Customer Success team)
    • Use the Executive/Leadership Email template to communicate the importance of using Decision Doc this year.

Pro tip: attach the Decision Doc OE Flyer to your reminder emails.

Supporting Materials (click to download)

Email Templates

Decision Doc OE Flyer (8.5 x 11 PDF)


4. Add Decision Doc to your enrollment platform

Embed these materials on your enrollment platform to remind employees about Step 1 in their enrollment. 

  • Use the Decision Doc Icon as a tile on your enrollment platform
  • Consider embedding the Decision Doc Banner and linking it to your MyHYKE Decision Doc URL.
  • Create a pop-up window and include language from your Decision Doc Short Blurbs.

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