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Communications Strategy

Embedding Decision Doc in your open enrollment (OE) strategy will make Decision Doc feel like a natural part of the enrollment process. To align with your tentative OE theme “are you in the right plan?,” let’s make Decision Doc the first step in their OE process. Use the materials below to get started.

This is your unique link to Decision Doc.

Five steps to optimize enrollment

1. Add the Decision Doc URL to Workday and Ask HR 

We discussed the following opportunities to share Decision Doc:

  • Landing Page Announcement: we can create a Welcome Banner that employees will see upon logging into Workday. This will include a fun image along with a few brief details about Decision Doc.
  • Worklets: we can provide 2-3 Short Messaging Blurbs about Decision Doc that can be inserted throughout Workday.
  • Additional Opportunity: we can create a smaller Reminder Icon that you can link to Decision Doc. Inserting this icon on the actual page where employees make their enrollment decision, could be a nice visual reminder for employees to use Decision Doc before they officially enroll.
Ask HR.

As the central information warehouse for all things HR-related, Ask HR is a natural place to include information about Decision Doc.

  • Landing Page Announcement: create alignment between Ask HR and Workday by showing the same Welcome Banner.
  • Accompanying your health plan documents:  Let employees know about Decision Doc anywhere you share plan summaries within Ask HR. We can provide some Short Messaging Blurbs, an Employee Flyer (with QR code), and a Custom 2-minute Video that can describe how Decision Doc can help them choose a plan.
  • Pair with your contact information: we’ve heard from lots of HR teams that the most common question from employees is “which plan should I enroll in?” We’ll create a specific Short Messaging Blurb you can include next to your contact information that encourages employees to use Decision Doc early in their enrollment process.
  • Additional Opportunity: like Workday, we recommend including the small Reminder Icon throughout the platform, anywhere you mention your health plan, HSA and Medical FSA.
Supporting Materials

Welcome Banner (png file)

Reminder Icon (png file)

Workday & Ask HR – Short Messaging Blurbs

Custom Video (2 minutes)

Employee Flyer (8.5 x 11 PDF)

2. Include language in your 2023 US Employee Benefits Handbook.

Your Benefits Handbook is an excellent place to embed information about Decision Doc. Based on your 2022 Handbook, here are some suggestions for where you might include language:


  • Eligibility and Enrollment Section: let all employees know that Decision Doc can help them evaluate their plan options throughout the year. We will provide ~1 paragraph of text on Decision Doc, along with a small Reminder Icon you can add to catch people’s attention.
  • Plan Cost Section: employees are always worried about the cost of their plans. We’ll create a Short Messaging Blurb that describes how Decision Doc can help employees evaluate the entire cost of their plans, not just the premiums.
  • Health Investment Plan & HSA Sections: HSAs can be scary for some employees. We’ll create a Short Messaging Blurb that describes how Decision Doc can help employees better understand if HDHPs and HSAs are a good option for them and their family.
  • Medical FSA & “A Tale of Two Coworkers” Sections: employees often get confused between an HSA and FSA. We’ll create a Short Messaging Blurb that describes how Decision Doc can help employees better understand the difference between HSAs and FSAs. Consider adding the small Reminder Icon here to grab people’s attention.
  • Medical Expenses Worksheet: this is a great section to help employees plan out their costs for the year. We’ll create a Short Messaging Blurb that reminds employees Decision Doc is available to provide them with a full cost analysis.
  • Q & A Section: sometimes employees need a little extra information about Decision Doc before they use the platform. We can provide 2-3 FAQs we often receive about Decision Doc.
Supporting Materials

Benefit Guide Language – Short Messaging Blurbs


Reminder Icon (png)


3. Add the Decision Doc PPT slides to your benefit webinars.

You mentioned some benefit webinars for employees. We can provide 1-2 Benefit Meeting Slides and Talking Points that describe what Decision Doc is and how it can help employees.

The MyHealthMath team can also attend your local in-person fair!

Supporting Materials

Benefit Meeting Slides & Talking Points (PPT)

4. Send emails

Direct emails to employees about Decision Doc is one of the most effective ways to encourage participation. We can provide a set of email templates that you can use as is, or include within other OE emails you may already be sending. Standardly, we suggest 4 emails that include the Employee Flyer (with QR code) as an attachment: Intro email, Reminder Email, Email from your Executive Leadership, and a Final Email. 

Supporting Materials

Email Templates

  • Intro
  • Reminder
  • From your executive leadership
  • Final


  • Employee Flyer (8.5 x 11 PDF)
Additional Materials

We also discussed a few other communication opportunities we can support.

  • E-board: we can create an E-board Slide with a QR code that can be displayed on this e-board.
  • Postcard: you mentioned previously that mailers home are often successful. We can create a Postcard for you to use and distribute.
  • Pocket Guide: if you plan to create a pocket guide for 2023 OE, we can provide a Short Messaging Blurb that can be included in this guide.
  • Mealcard: this could be a great opportunity to grab employee’s attention! We can provide a Quarter Sheet (with QR code) that can be paired with this complementary meal opportunity.
  • Poster: we can provide a larger Poster that you can print and display throughout your offices.
Supporting Materials

E-board Slide (PPT)

Poster (PDF)

Postcard (PDF)

Pocket Guide – Short Messaging Blurb

Quarter Sheet (PDF)

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