Decision Doc by the numbers.

DecisionDoc Dual Phones

Find out your ROI

By comparing pre- and post-census elections of Decision Doc users, we show how Decision Doc impacted employee savings, employer savings, and HSA usage.


Employee savings

Average total cost savings for MHM users who chose a more optimal plan.

Employer savings

Aggregate employer tax and benefit savings.

HSA/FSA contributions

Average contributions among MHM users, compared to non- users.

We measure our impact on your employee enrollment decisions by exposing migration trends and savings, which will help support more employees in the next year.

Plan Design

Take a deep dive into how well your plan options are serving your employees.

Plan Optimization

Decision Doc ranks your health plans by total cost (premiums and out-of-pocket expenses) for each employee based on their individual health utilization. The Impact Report bundles these results to show how often each plan came out on top, which allows you to see which plans best serve employees. 

DecisionDoc Notebook
DecisionDoc Dual Phones

Plan Migration

The Impact Report also shows whether employees chose their optimal health plan and details overall movement patterns (e.g., how employees moved from one plan to another). If employees aren’t moving into their optimal plan, MyHealthMath can find out why.

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How Decision Support Aids Plan Design and Benefit Discussions



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