Set up made easy.

We help you.

We know HR teams are balancing a lot of priorities. That’s why when we say we’re easy to set up and use, we mean it. 

3 easy steps:

1.) Participate in implementation call

2.) Submit list of eligible employees

3.) Approve the plans and rates

Here’s how we stand out.


Easy install:

Typically, HR teams only need to send us an updated eligibility file. Your broker can get us the plan information we need to load into our system.


Easy to share:

Our custom communications plan gets employees excited to use Decision Doc—newsletter blurbs, email templates, graphics to embed on your enrollment platform, etc.


Unmatched employee support:

If employees have questions, they come to us, not you! All employees can schedule one-on-one calls with our analysts.

Happy Clients

“MyHealthMath had the easiest implementation set-up I’ve seen from any of the vendors that my clients work with. Everything was so streamlined, easy to understand, and it felt like you were reading my mind with the follow-up and next steps.”

Human Resources Administrator

“Implementation was very easy – the MyHealthMath team was super responsive, easy to work with, and very accommodating. I was surprised it wasn’t more complicated!”

Marianne Michalek

Senior Director, Benefits, Compensation & HRIS, J. Jill

“You can never have too many options when it comes to communication materials, so we appreciated the comprehensive package that MyHealthMath provided. They made it easy for us to spread the word about Decision Doc.”

Shauna MacDonald

AVP, Human Resources Manager, Machiase Savings Bank