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This is your unique link to Decision Doc.

1. Add the Decision Doc URL to your benefit enrollment platform and intranet page

info about why this is important goes here. download materials and make sure to hyperlink when you post.

Supporting Materials (click to download)

DD Intranet Poster

Enrollment Platform Icon

2. Add the Decision Doc PPT slides to your benefit meeting presentation.

We’ve provided slides and talking points xyz. Add this so xyz…

Supporting Materials (click to download)

Benefit Meeting Slides

3. Include language in your benefit guide.

Using Decision Doc should feel like a natural part of your open enrollment. Make sure to xxx.

Supporting Materials (click to download)

Employee Flyer (full page)

Benefit Guide Language (see page 4)

4. Send emails

more info goes here. attach the flyers

raffle instructions here?? regular flyer and raffle flyer

Supporting Materials (click to download)

Email Templates

  • Intro (page 2, send on xx/xx/xxxx)
  • Reminder (page 3, send on xx/xx/xxxx)
  • From your executive leadership (page 4, send on xx/xx/xxxx)
  • Final (page 5, send on xx/xx/xxxx)


  • Employee Flyer
  • Raffle Flyer (to distribute between xx/xx – xx/xx)
Additional Materials

Here’s a bunch of other materials we put together for you…..

Supporting Materials (click to download)


Pull-tab Poster


Quarter Sheet


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