Benefits Optimization System

DecisionDoc Tablet

Better decisions can help everyone save.

MyHealthMath causes 3x more people to choose a cost-effective health plan. That’s great news for your employees! But self-insured employers might wonder how all that movement affects their costs. With our predictive modeling platform, we make sure everybody saves. 


1. Predict plan choice

See which health plan employees will choose when they use decision support.


2. Adjust plan design

Change plan design components, like HSA contributions. 


3. See impact

See how pricing adjustments affect employee plan choice and impact employer and employee costs.


4. Identify optimal plan design

Identify the plan design that captures maximal employer and employee savings. 

Benefits Optimization System

Learn how decision support will impact employee plan choice.

Then adjust your plan design to create win-wins.


A must-use feature for capturing employer and employee savings.

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