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Choosing the right benefit plans is complicated. MyHealthMath makes it easy with Decision Doc™—an interactive, personalized platform with human support.

Employees go through a series of questions about their specific health needs, then receive an interactive report showing which health plan will cover them best—plus, guidance on dental and vision. Live analysts are available at every step.


Share health needs

Go through a series of questions about your specific health needs online or over the phone.


Learn about savings vehicles

Along the way, learn about the benefits of a HSAs and FSAs and if an HSA-eligible plan is the right fit.


Get guidance

View an interactive report showing the total cost of each health plan. Download and save the report for reference.
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Edit report

Add and remove medical services and see how that impacts your health care costs. You can also see how your costs break down by service.


Click to navigate to your enrollment platform and confidently choose your health plan.

Why employees like us

We destress the stressful.


Live Support

Analysts can walk employees through the questions and their report.

Unmatched Savings

Employees who work with MyHealthMath save an average of $1,300 per year.

Quick and Easy

It only takes a few minutes for employees to get the support they need.
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Interactive Report

Employees can add and remove services and see real-time impact on costs.
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Claims-Based Approach

Employees can easily see the most cost-effective health plan based on their past medical use.
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Ready to learn more?

Contact us to find out if health plan decision support is right for you.

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