How We Can Help You

Tons of data x
Individual Health Needs and Preferences +
One-on-One savings

= Efficient Health Plan Choices

We collect thousands of pieces of data about the health plans offered by an employer to an individual, minute details found in the comprehensive schedule of benefits and fine print that most people never read or even see.  We get down to brass tacks with employers to extract exact benefit contributions.

We talk to people about their individual and family healthcare needs and preferences in confidential, friendly interviews.  With individuals’ permission we can also dig up their health claims data for their benefit and use it confidentially on their behalf to further enhance our personalized decision support. 

Then we make hundreds of calculations with the plan, contribution and employee interview data and produce a one of a kind report that shows each person the anticipated cost of each of their health plan options based on their personal needs.  We give them this report, synthesizing tons of data not readily available which effects them profoundly, into a simple consumable report that helps guide their choice.

It’s like putting a yellow Energy Guide label on an appliance or a Monroney Price Sticker on a new car.  Those are required by federal regulation!

People need information about what their purchases will cost them to make informed decisions – especially about health insurance, one of their largest and most personal yearly purchases.  So that’s what we do in the hopes of unleashing employees’ consumer power to disrupt and make more efficient the healthcare marketplace.

And it works!

The employees and employers who get smarter about their choices by partnering with MHM spend less on rocketing healthcare costs and keep more in their own pockets. The average employee that engages with MHM saves over $1,000 on average and the average employer who works with MHM thousands of dollars in related premium and tax savings.

In a nutshell, we help individuals get the most bang for their healthcare buck.  It’s a very Mainer thing to do.

We do the complicated math for people so they can make smarter health plan decisions and keep more money in their pockets.