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New Hires & Qualifying Life Events

This year, choosing the right health plan matters more than ever. It’s the key to safeguarding your health and finances. MyHealthMath is here to make this selection process easy! Not sure whether to use OnlinePlus or schedule an interview? Either way, you receive the same intuitive report showing our savings estimate for your plan options!

Keep in mind! If your employer’s Open Enrollment period is approaching, you will recieve a different link that you should use to compare your new plan options. The options below will show your 2021 plans!

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Go to OnlinePlus

OnlinePlus provides a fast and convenient option available 24 hours a day. Take 5 minutes to answer questions about the medical services you might receive next year. Within 1 business day, you’ll receive a personalized estimate that shows how much money you could save on each plan.


Speak to a Real Person

For a more personal experience, schedule an interview with one of our analysts, who will guide you through our questions about your medical services in 15-20 minutes. 1-2 business days later, you’ll receive a personalized estimate that shows you how much money you could save on each plan.

Additional Resources

Health Insurance Basics


Different Plan Types

When it comes to health insurance, you might have heard of the terms HMO, PPO and HDHP. But, do you actually understand what they mean. Check out this article to learn more.


Understanding your SBC

Your employer may have provided you with a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for each of your plan options. Read this article to make sure you are interpreting your plan information correctly.


Coverage of Specific Services

Are you sure your services are covered under your health insurance plan? This article explains how to tell which services are typically covered.


Cost of a Health Insurance Plan

There's a lot that goes into figuring out how much a health insurance plan will cost you. This article will help you define some of these terms.

Trying to Learn about FSAs, HSAs or HRAs?


What's the Difference?

HSAs, HRAs and FSAs are accounts used to pay for qualified medical expenses, prescription drugs, dental and vision expenses. Learn more here.


Considering an FSA?

An FSA is an arrangement that lets you pay for many out-of-pocket expenses with tax-free dollars. If your employer offers an FSA, click here to see if it could be a good fit.


Considering an HSA?

An HSA is a medical savings account that you own. If you are enrolled in an HDHP, you and your employer can contribute pre-tax dollars. Click here to see if an HSA is right for you.

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See how your medications will be covered under each plan.

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See if your doctor is part of Harvard Pilgrim's network.



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