MyHealthMath Playbook

MyHealthMath advanced decision support is available at no-charge to qualifying Tufts Health Plan clients.

MyHealthMath decision support can increase employee savings and satisfaction with their benefits. On average, employees who work with MyHealthMath save $1,300 a year.

Follow these easy steps to get your clients signed up!

Employers are eligible for MyHealthMath at no cost if they reach the following requirements:

  • Are fully insured
  • Have at least 100 subscribers
  • Offer at least 2 plan choices, one of which is a High Deductible Health Plan

Please click on the links in the different sections below. You’ll find resources to share MyHealthMath with your clients and get them signed up. If you have questions or need additional materials, please contact

Outreach email templates

These templates can be copy-pasted into emails to your clients. The emails share the benefits of MyHealthMath decision support, how it works, why they are eligible at no cost, and what they need to get started. There are three templates:

  1. Initial outreach email
  2. Follow up email
  3. Launching implementation email

Download the templates.

Brochures and videos

For additional clarification and outreach support, please share the following:


Use these slides to share MyHealthMath during presentations with your clients.

We are available to share our solutions with your clients and answer any questions they might have. Schedule a call with our team here.

If your clients are ready to get started, they just need to complete steps 1-3 on this implementation page.

Additional Resources

View a Sample Report

What Happens After Open Enrollment?

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