Introducing MyHealthMath’s Decision Doc

Benefit Selection Simplified 

Choosing the right benefit plans is complicated. MyHealthMath makes it easy with Decision Doc™—an interactive, personalized platform with human support.

Employees go through a series of questions about their specific health needs, then receive an interactive report showing which health plan will cover them best—plus, guidance on dental and vision. Live analysts are available at every step.


Share health needs

Go through a series of questions about your specific health needs online or over the phone.


Learn about savings vehicles

Along the way, learn about the benefits of a HSAs and FSAs and if an HSA-eligible plan is the right fit.


Get guidance

View an interactive report showing the total cost of each health plan. Download and save the report for reference.

Decision Doc Single Phone

Edit report

Add and remove medical services and see how that impacts your health care costs. You can also see how your costs break down by service.


Click to navigate to your enrollment platform and confidently choose your health plan.

Here’s how we stand out.


Easy install:

Typically, HR teams only need to send us an updated eligibility file. Your broker can get us the plan information we need to load into our system.


Easy to share:

Our custom communications plan gets employees excited to use Decision Doc—newsletter blurbs, email templates, graphics to embed on your enrollment platform, etc.


Unmatched employee support:

If employees have questions, they come to us, not you! All employees can schedule one-on-one calls with our analysts.

Looking for more information?

Check out our Employee Resource page for videos, quizzes, and information on how to get more from your benefits.