Our Culture

MyHealthMath is based in Portland, Maine. We made a deliberate decision to found MyHealthMath here based on appreciation of Maine’s natural beauty, community values, work ethic, and increasing reputation as a technology hub. Since then dozens of professionals have followed an inner passion and joined the MyHealthMath team. Some of us moved here from ‘away’, some of us ‘returned home’ to stay and some of us were lucky to find this meaningful work right in our home state.

A common passion to improve healthcare brought us together.

A shared mission drives our work.

We are Maine Made. Our Maine Values shape our culture and describe our work. We are:

  • Efficient
  • Hard Working
  • Honest & Direct
  • Trustworthy
  • Discrete

Mainers know the value of a dollar. 

We are focused on helping our neighbors across the country get the most value for their healthcare dollar.  We know that the extra $1,000 in a family’s budget can make a big difference.  We know that employers feel burdened by increasing healthcare costs and we help them recoup some of that cost.

Mainers take on big challenges with a stick-to-it-iveness that gets the job done.  They take pride in workmanship and don’t cut corners.

We are a passion driven start up, motivated by the difference we make in individuals' and families' lives, and the way we can make one aspect of the confusing healthcare marketplace, choosing a health plan, simple and direct.  We are always driving towards new solutions. We stay late at the office talking to individuals to make sure we're reaching everyone who needs help. We are detail-oriented and turn every stone to maximize customer satisfaction.

Mainers are direct and honest to an extreme. What you see is what you get.

We are a data-driven analytics and personal engagement firm.  We use individual’s specific healthcare needs to project their forward-looking total costs using well defined logic and calculations.  We don’t tip the scales.  We give you the raw results.

Mainers follow through on their word, and don’t profit at their neighbor’s expense.

Our mission is to help employees and employers make better decisions that reduces healthcare costs and makes the healthcare marketplace more efficient overall.  We have no interest – financial or otherwise – in the decisions that people make.   We don’t put our fingers on the scale in any way.  We take pride in our objectivity.  We also create a high level of trust with individuals through live interviews that helps us coach them through the changes that could make them better healthcare consumers.

Mainers honor each other’s privacy and give each other space. 

We respect our clients' personal information and private life too. We fiercely protect health information, keeping it confidential and abiding by HIPAA standards.