Report Card vs. Savings Estimate: What’s the Difference?

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MyHealthMath gives employees two decision support tools – one helps you look backward, one forward.

Claims-based Report Card

Learn whether you chose the right plan last year

What is it: Report cards are a quick snapshot of how you did choosing last year’s plan.

How is it calculated: Report cards use your actual medical claims from the past year to show whether you could have saved money on a different plan. All claims data is obtained securely from your insurer.

How to use it: Your report card should nudge you to engage with MyHealthMath and look at next year’s plan options.

Report Cards are purple

Comparative Savings Estimate

Find out chich plan is best for the coming year

What is it: Savings estimates show which health plan option will likely save you the most money next year.

How is it calculated: The estimate is based on the anticipated medical needs you shared online or during your phone call and next year’s coverage options.

How to use it: Look at your savings estimate before enrolling in a plan for next year. Use it to choose a plan that will meet your estimated medical and financial needs.

Estimates can be blue or teal.


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