Although a ‘flatlander’ by birth, David Widener (Dave), MBA, considers himself a true Mainer in spirit, driven by his sincere love for the beautiful place MyHealthMath calls home. Over the course of his career, Dave has built and led innovative and transformative technology teams from widely diverse fields such as life sciences and gaming, to healthcare and energy. Dave’s leadership experience ranges from multinational conglomerates to small technology-based startups and everything in between.

After pursuing both his undergraduate degree in business information technology and a masters degree in geography at Ohio University, Dave took a spin in cartography, making digital maps for Rand McNally in Chicago. Although Dave’s love of maps is real (and bordering on obsession), he found it hard to make his rent on the humble salary of a map maker. Upon taking a couple of C programming classes while still a cartographer, Dave quickly found himself officially back in IT, rent fully paid, and has not looked back since.

In his previous roles, Dave has created compelling digital brands, valuable technology products and services, as well as engaging customer experiences for numerous companies. As Chief Technology Officer at MyHealthMath, Dave leverages his keen sense of how differentiated technology and an empowering customer experience can transform the quality and efficiency of health plan decision-making for both employees and employers.