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Help Employers and Employees Save

On average, employees who use MyHeathMath save $1,300 a year.

Below, find everything you need to share MyHealthMath with your clients.

First, confirm eligibility 

Employers are eligible for MyHealthMath at no cost if they reach the following requirements:

Are fully insured

Have at least 100 subscribers

Offer at least 2 plan choices, one of which is a High Deductible Health Plan


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Outreach Email Templates

These templates can be copy-pasted into emails to your clients. The emails share the benefits of MyHealthMath decision support, how it works, how enrolling will save them on healthcare costs, and what they need to get started.

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Use this brochure highlighting MyHealthMath’s core services.

Slide Deck

Use these slides to share MyHealthMath with your clients.

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