Use HSAs to Advance Health and Wealth Equity and Inclusion

Income-based HSA contributions, improved consumer education, and strategic plan design can help lower-income populations get the most out of HSAs, improving access to cost-effective healthcare and tax savings. Interested in helping employers provide more equitable financial benefits to all their employees? Watch the webinar and learn how to use HSAs to advance health and wealth equity.

    This webinar is co-sponsored by HSA Bank, a division of Webster Bank, N.C. Member FIC. HSA Bank empowers consumers to make the most of their healthcare dollars.

    Elizabeth Cote
    Elizabeth Cote, MD, MPA
    President and Chief Mission Officer, MyHealthMath
    Kevin Robertson
    Kevin Robertson
    Chief Revenue Officer, HSA Bank
    Bob Watterson
    Founder and CEO, MyHealthMath
    David Coolidge
    David M. Coolidge
    Benefits Consultant and ERISA attorney, Pierce Atwood LLP

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