Give your clients a better benefits experience

Health Plan Guidance

For all the people you support.

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For employees

Make it easy to choose a cost-effective health plan.

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For employers

When employees choose a better plan, employers can save too.

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What makes us different.

Personal decision support for all your people. 


Live Support

Supported employees are happy employees. That’s why we offer live support. 


Unmatched Savings

Savings lead to benefits satisfaction, and we save employees an average of $1,300 per year.


Benefit Design Support

See how decision support will affect your clients’ costs. A must-have solution for self-insured clients.

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Ease for HR

Fewer questions during their busiest time of year. Easy implementation.

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CDHP Adoption

Extra support empowers employees to make a change. We cause a 2.5X increase in CDHP adoption. 


Our Solutions

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Decision Doc

Makes it easy for employees to choose the right health plan for them and their families.

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Benefits Optimization System

Helps employers save when employees choose a more cost-effective health plan.

Health Benefit Equity

Uncovers opportunities to promote pay and health equity through benefit design changes.

Happy Clients

We make open enrollment easy. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our clients have to say. 

“MyHealthMath’s benefits optimizer has been an important asset for my clients. Its health plan modeling lets me review potential plan structure optimizations with my clients in real time using client specific data, which has really helped inform their strategic planning.”

George Watts

HUB International

“Helping employees choose the right plan is one of the best things we can do for their budget and health. MyHealthMath helped employees across the school district make educated and informed decisions about their plan choices, while making open enrollment so much easier for HR. With everything going on right now, that support was really impactful!”

Kristine Kot


“We’ve been big fans of MyHealthMath for the assistance and clarity they have provided to our employees for the past three years. With their new employer dashboard, we’ve gained insight that we’ve never had before. The time and money saved is invaluable.”

Ivan Salazar, CFO

VIA Advertising Agency

Insights & News

Here’s what we’re talking about with health benefits! 
Improving the Physical and Financial Health of Higher Ed Employees 

Improving the Physical and Financial Health of Higher Ed Employees 

Rising health insurance costs and pandemic fatigue have coupled together to create unique challenges for higher education institutions—particularly in relation to employee benefits. Benefit teams are tasked with building robust benefit packages that protect employees’...

Health Insurance 101: Key terms 

Health Insurance 101: Key terms 

If you have trouble understanding your health insurance, you’re not alone. We’ve untangled the key terms you're likely to come across when dealing with all things health insurance. Premium Your health plan provides coverage to help you pay for medical care and...

A Deep Dive into MyHealthMath Client Analytics

A Deep Dive into MyHealthMath Client Analytics

Ask an MHM Expert: Ian Liphart, Data Analyst   MyHealthMath (MHM) has unique reporting capabilities for employers, which reveal specific opportunities for them to enhance their benefit packages. We dive into how...

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