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Health Plan Guidance

For you and your people. 

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For employees

Make it easy to choose a cost-effective health plan.
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For employers

When employees choose a better plan, you can save too.
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What makes us different.

Health benefit guidance that employees trust. 


Live Support

Supported employees are happy employees. Our live analysts can connect with your employees at every step.  

Unmatched Savings

A dollar saved is a smile earned. MyHealthMath saves employees an average of $1,300 per year.

Custom HSA Education

Resources about the value of an HSA and report that highlights employer contributions and tax savings.
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Ease for HR

We know HR teams are balancing a lot of priorities. That’s why when we say we’re easy to set up and use, we mean it. 

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Impact Report

We measure our impact on employee enrollment decisions by exposing migration trends and savings, which will help support more employees in the next year.

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Our Solutions

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Decision Doc

Makes it easy for employees to choose the right health plan for them and their families.

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Benefits Optimization System

Helps employers save when employees choose a more cost-effective health plan.

Health Benefit Equity

Uncovers opportunities to promote pay and health equity through benefit design changes.

Happy Clients

We make open enrollment easy. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our clients have to say. 

“Our employees gave us terrific feedback after using the service. As to my own experience, going through the process was quick and easy and the outcome gave myself and my husband peace of mind that we are in the right program of coverage and cost for our family.”
Cynthia Ring, CPO, CHRO

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

“MyHealthMath quickly and efficiently helped our employees across four different states understand their health plans and which health plan option was optimal for the employee and their families. Their direct communication approach with each employee was invaluable.”
Amy Reininger, VP, CHRO

Summit Utilities

“We’ve been big fans of MyHealthMath for the assistance and clarity they have provided to our employees for the past three years. With their new employer dashboard, we’ve gained insight that we’ve never had before. The time and money saved is invaluable.”
Ivan Salazar, CFO

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Insights & News

Here’s what we’re talking about with health benefits! 
Should You Offer Employees Decision Support Every Year?

Should You Offer Employees Decision Support Every Year?

The numbers are in: Decision Doc is still valuable after multiple years.  Decision support helps employees choose the health plan that’s right for their needs – the one that best protects their health while giving them the most value for every dollar they spend....

Why Decision Support is Vital for Younger Employees 

Why Decision Support is Vital for Younger Employees 

Health insurance can be complicated to navigate, and employees are often faced with important decisions when it comes to their employer-based health insurance. This is especially true for younger employees who tend to be less knowledgeable about health insurance, less...

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