Stand out from the competition

Deliver savings, increase membership. 

With MyHealthMath, everyone comes out on top. 

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For members

Make choosing the best plan for them and their families easy.

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For employers

Help them save without sacrificing your margin. 

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For you

Gain competitive advantage.

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A partnership that makes so much possible.  

Personal decision support for all your people. 


Claims Integration

Give members transparency into healthcare costs so they can easily choose the right plan.

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Empower Consumers with HDHPs

Extra support empowers employees to make a change. We cause a 2.5X increase in HDHP adoption.


Reduce Employer Premiums

Our modeling systems lets carriers gain a competitive advantage without sacrificing your margin.

Our Solutions

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Decision Doc

Makes it easy for employees to choose the right health plan for them and their families.

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Benefits Optimization System

Helps employers save when employees choose a more cost-effective health plan.

Health Benefit Equity

Uncovers opportunities to promote pay and health equity through benefit design changes.

Happy Clients

We make open enrollment easy. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our clients have to say. 

“MyHealthMath decision support is different than anything else we’ve seen on the market. It has a depth of granularity that gives employees and employers unique insight into their health insurance spend—and that drives really significant savings.”

Michael Carson, President and CEO

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

“Employees loved the online experience. It was incredibly easy to use; the estimate was easy to understand; and employees had nothing but positive things to say! Overall, MyHealthMath made open enrollment easier for HR and led to really happy employees”

Erica Gliege, Manager Benefits and Wellness

Horizon Therapeutics

“MyHealthMath turned the daunting task of selecting a health insurance plan during open enrollment into a joy! The MyHealthMath team made choosing a plan a delight because they really listened to my needs, crunched data and details I didn’t readily have to figure out what was in my best interest and gave me confidence in my decision.”

Lorraine Wallace

Premier Medical Institution

Insights & News

Here’s what we’re talking about with health benefits! 
What are voluntary benefits and why you should offer them 

What are voluntary benefits and why you should offer them 

Flexibility continues to remain perk number one when it comes to what's most important for employees. Employees, however, are continually searching for other perks, too. Specifically, many are looking toward voluntary benefits which are essentially secondary or...

Benefit Decision Support Solutions: A New Landscape. A New Bar.

Benefit Decision Support Solutions: A New Landscape. A New Bar.

Decision support has experienced a rapid evolution in recent years, with employees demanding more from their employers and more from their benefits. Tools that help employees choose their benefits based on limited data and generic recommendations are quickly becoming...

Supporting mothers in the workforce with inclusive benefits 

Supporting mothers in the workforce with inclusive benefits 

Women are an integral part of today’s workforce with working mothers accounting for approximately one-third of the female workforce in the United States. For all parents, finding balance is incredibly important but there are many challenges including the need to...

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